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Lesbian women are having more orgasms than you, let’s work together to fix that
Not too long ago, I read an article that said that lesbian women have a better time in bed than straight women In heterosexual intercourse, a man is likely to climax 95% of the time whereas a woman just 65%. In a lesbian encounter, the figure increases to 85%. Why the disparity? The reasons include greater emphasis on equality in lesbian relationships, men being more focused on their own needs, and more oral sex between two women. One of the main ways that this can be remedied is through better communication and listening between sexual partners, especially women teaching men what they like.


Personally, I read this and felt that it was a great shame. I don’t know about you but I felt as though the solutions reached were common sense really. As someone who believes in mutual satisfaction, I want to listen to you as you tell me what you like. According to one of the people interviewed a “study showed that women who talk specifically about what makes sex more pleasurable for them are eight times more likely to be happiest in their relationships,”. So unless you are ready to become a lesbian you need someone who will communicate with you and listen to your needs, that’s me!


A bit about me. Boring statistics out of the way first, I am a 29-year-old black man who lives in Enfield, North London. I am 5’9”, 80kg and in good shape. I am drug and disease free and very hygienic. Besides that, I am laid back, easy-going and open-minded. I get on well with most people. I used to be super religious, and so remained celibate while the rest of my peers were experimenting with sex. As a result, I lost my virginity way later than my friends did. So I wish to make up for lost time. I too want to gain more experience, try new things and see what things I’ve been missing out on.


From the experiences that I have already had I believe that I am quite good at sex but I believe that I have the raw material to become great at it! I am well built, girthy, fit, have staying power and stamina, and I am good with my tongue. The main thing that is missing is you telling me just how you like it. Think of it as an investment, how great would it be to have an FWB who knows how to hit your spot every time?


Send me a message with your thoughts and desires and if initial communication goes well let’s arrange to go for a social drink to see if there’s any potential chemistry.


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TL;DR: Lesbian women tend to have more orgasms than straight women due to greater equality in lesbian relationships and more oral. The main way heterosexual couples can close this gap is through better communication and the woman teaching what turns her on. I want you to teach me what turns you on so that we can have great sex.


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